Hair reduction is the world’s most requested aesthetic treatment. Yet there is no permanent solution to the problem and many painful long-term reduction fixes on the market.

What type of value are you providing for your clients seeking hair reduction treatments?

Clients seeking hair reduction treatments want quick, painless, and consistent results. And they want it at an affordable price. Non invasive treatments like laser, provide them all of that and more, including the convenience of treatment in less then an hour’s time.

Featuring a wide variety of products and combination treatments, Viora’s IPL and Laser hair reduction treatments are the most effective to date.

Through the use of leading phototherapy technology, Viora’s IPL and Laser hair reduction solutions offer a significant reduction in hair growth at the beginning stages of treatment. Boosting the speedy reduction results are our combination protocols which incorporate IPL and Nd: YAG for maximum efficiency.

Why Viora?

State of the Art Treatments.

Viora treatments are clinically proven, safe and painless, with no downtime. Our products allow for a wider range of treatments, so you can offer your patients a faster, better, and more effective solution.

Innovative Improvements. Viora specializes in improving existing technology, in response to market demands, for the most up-to-date solutions.

Smarter Products.

Our wide range of Viora products work together to achieve the hair reduction results you need.

We’re invested in your success. Viora is committed to providing you with the most advanced technologies and enabling the most requested treatments, so that your business thrives. We partner with you, so you get all of the support you need to achieve the best and fastest return on your investment.